The development of the vineyard at Bellevue Homestead was commenced in 2004 by Ken Bullen of Toowoomba in conjunction with David Blacket of Riversands Vineyards at St George. There are two hectares (five acres) of vines that are now 4, 3 and 2 years old. We grow the same types of grapes, mainly Black and White Muscats with some Semillon, as are grown at Riversands Vineyards. The Muscats are dual purpose and can be used for table grapes or for making wine.


In August 2008, Bellevue Homestead and Vineyard opened its Cellar Door for wine tasting and wine sales. We have a satellite licence to sell Riversands Wines and can provide the full range of Riversands wines. You have a choice of three whites, three reds and three fortified wines to sample. Cheese platters are available at the Cellar Door.

Guests can order wine with their meals when they have morning and afternoon teas, lunches or dinners. From time to time we run wine and cheese events.

You can buy wines by the glass, bottle or case. Visit the website for more information about the wines. Call or email John or Laurel to place an order.

For more information, call John or Laurel Dingle on (07) 5426-4209.
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